About Mattijn


Ever since he was a little boy, Mattijn often found himself wandering off in his own dreamy world, to which he gave expression with his crayons.

At the age of 10, a friend of the family noticed his talent for composition and perspective, and brought him along on a trip to a museum.

The young Mattijn discovered the world of canvas, paint and great art.

In the following years Mattijn got fascinated by Dutch painters such as Jan van Eyck, Pieter Brueghel and Jheronimus Bosch.


By the age of 20 Mattijn got acquainted with the artwork of Carel Willink and Edward Hopper.

This inspired him to put the crayons aside. He took up a brush and started experimenting with paint.

Without any art related education - and influenced by the great painters he admired - he single-handedly developed his fine eye for composition and use of color.


In the  90’s technology provided him with a new instrument; Photoshop!

Instead of the brush and paint, the digital camera and computer became his tools.  And although the tools differ, in a way Mattijn kept on ‘painting’.

By putting together little pieces of photo material - and with his high sense of atmosphere and sharp eye for detail - he creates surrealistic, dreamy and sometimes spooky worlds.

His photomontages can consist of up to 80 layers, which give a picturesque glow to his characteristic artwork.


Mattijn Franssen excels in a range of disciplines - Photomontage, Painting, drawing, animation, music and film.

In his contemporary art you can see the influence of the great master painters of the early days.

His work invites the viewer to look at things from a different perspective.






Mattijn also works on assignment. He makes cd and book covers, book illustrations and artwork for advertisement purposes.

You can also contact him for more personal artwork; to announce a wedding, a new born baby or other live-events you’d like to publicize or immortalize.

Please contact him to explore the various possibilities.

©Mattijn Franssen